Flash Zongo Memoir: Romantic De-Escalation

We were not long out of high school when Karl was nearly lynched. The rainy season was in rear view, harmattan winds were in the offing, the days seemed longer and by the time migratory birds flew west under a cloudless sky at sunset, about half a dozen boys with a lot of time would... Continue Reading →

Flash Zongo Fiction: You don’t look like a Zongo boy

Wait what’s your name again? Abubakar? You don’t look like a Zongo boy koraa. Unpacking the many levels on which this was ignorant seemed liked an arduous task. One which Abubakar had spent a lifetime performing in varying ways. The first time was in primary school where topping the class was too strange a thing... Continue Reading →

Flash Zongo Fiction: Ina lorinka?

Ahmad had boarded a trotro to Danquah Circle, walked to the bus stop at Koala before taking a Bloombar bound taxi. It was actually a loading taxi headed towards that end of the Oxford Street. Upon getting to the exit of this street, he would add an extra cedi or two and plead with the... Continue Reading →

Flash Zongo Fiction: Sarkin Gadama

#FlashZongoFiction 2: Sarkin Gadama In kuka bude google, na win shei gadama ya kare. Shei sa ku manta da google mu yi gadama True to his words, a Google search would have vindicated him. No one remembers exactly what the argument, no banter, was really about. It is so easy to forget what oddly seems... Continue Reading →

#FlashZongoFiction: Herh Yaro, Mei Kache

The weedy path heading back to campus passed through a small farmland etched out in an urban space. It was one of those farms that spontaneously sprouted up on lands which seemed ownerless. Ownerless until a developer began to prospect and the red colored words KEEP OFF LAND NOT FOR SALE were painted on a... Continue Reading →

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